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book reviews

This page tells publishers and authors how to send books for review in this journal.

This journal regularly publishes reviews of books and other publications that or of interest to British Isles entomologists.

Books and other publications relevant to any aspect of British or European Entomology in particular, or entomology in general, may be sent for review in this journal.

We may also publish reviews of books on other aspects of natural history at our own discretion.

Review copies are retained by the reviewer.

We will try to publish the review as soon as possible after receipt of the book. However, we do not guarantee that a review will appear within a particular time period, as actual publication depends on the time it takes to read and review the work and on the availability of page space in the journal to publish it.

A copy of the issue of the journal containing the review will be sent to the person or organisation that sent the book to us (where publishers request two copies, these will be sent).

Please ensure that a note of the purchase price accompanies all books sent for review and if at all possible include a price for UK postage and packing on a single copy.

Books for review should be sent to the Editor.

It is not the policy of this journal to routinely accept for publication unsolicited book reviews from third parties. However the Editor may vary this rule at his discretion if in his opinion it is judged that doing so might provide material of interest to Subscribers and provided that the reviewer is not receiving a fee for the review. Authors of unsolicited reviews must submit their review direct to the Editor who may notify the relevant publisher. Note that we require exclusivity; unsolicited reviews should not be submitted to other publications before or during consideration by the Entomologists Record & Journal of Variation, nor afterwards if we publish them.

Send books for review to:

The Editor
Entomologists Record
14 West Road
Bishops Stortford
CM23 3QP